What is an expert?

“One whose special knowledge or skill causes him to be regarded as an authority; a specialist.”(Oxford English Dictionary)

The partners at Collier Knight Watts are experienced expert witnesses. They are accredited experts and their details are listed in the major data bases for expert witnesses.

They have significant industrial experience and draw on this when considering industry practice.  They keep up to date with changes in guidance and work practices, and through their membership of the BSI keep up to date with changes in standards and codes of practice.  The partnership is a member of RoSPA and as such the partners can keep up to date with accident trends and statistics.

The partners undergo regular training both as experts and as engineers and they attend relevant training courses.  They attend at technical meetings of their professional bodies and peruse technical literature to keep up to date.  They have recently successfully completed the training course for the Bond Solon Cardiff University Expert Witness Certificate.

The partners will apply all this knowledge and experience in the consideration of the instructions received.  Indeed, the application of engineering knowledge to legal problems is the definition of a forensic engineer.

The partners are confident that a simple telephone call to our offices will connect you to an experienced expert who will have the knowledge and experience to be able to offer assistance at whatever stage proceedings are at with your case.